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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the procedure after signing up?
After you have signed up, we will give you a call to make an appointment. One of our sales officers will come by your apartment and explain more about our product and services. We’ll schedule an appointment with one of our photographers, write the text and within two weeks you will be listed on the first couple of channels. Through the cloud based software you can keep track of the process and see your property, bookings and calendar.
Do you also handle the check in and cleaning?
We do not handle the check-in and cleaning. We can however give you recommendations of companies that can.
What distinguishes you from other channel managers?
The difference between BookingManager and other channel managers is that we handle everything for you. We make pictures, write SEO friendly text, upload your apartment on all relevant booking channels and handle all requests. You don’t have to do anything, besides being a good host for your customers.
Can I only make use of the software without the services?
At the moment this is not possible.
Can people also book through your website?
No, we are not a booking channel.


Can I provide my own pictures?
It is not possible to provide your own pictures. Through our years of experience in the vacation rental business we have learned how important pictures are to market your apartment in the best possible way. Therefore we work together with professional photographers specialised in apartment photography, to show your apartment in the best way possible.
Am I able to acquire the apartment photographs?
The pictures are property of and cannot be distributed by a third party.
Can I write my own text?
We have our own text writers who are specialised in writing the best SEO friendly copy for apartments. You can however tell your account manager the unique selling points of your apartments and we will add this to the text.
When something changes at my apartment, how does that work? Do I need to pay the setup fee again?
You do not have to pay the set-up fee again, but if new pictures are needed the costs are for you. We will however change the pictures on all the listings free of charge, as well as any changes in the apartment descriptions and features.


What do I do when I have an overbooking?
When you have an overbooking, you first need to inform the Support Team. It is preferred that the private booking be relocated and the Booking booking will be honoured. If you are unable to accommodate the guest, we will ask from you to offer us a possible alternative accommodation that is listed in Booking The alternative should be of equal or better standard. If you do not have other properties, we will help you find an alternative accommodation for your guests. We do charge a handling fee of €100,00 for this service. Please note that an overbooking remains commissionable and you may be invoiced for the relocation costs inclusive of rate difference and free private transportation to the alternative accommodation.
What do I do when I have a cancellation?
If the guest informs you directly of a cancellation, you will have to contact the Support Team by phone or by email to make sure that the reservation will be cancelled. The Support Team will contact the booking website to verify the cancellation with the guest. The booking will be cancelled in the system upon receipt of the cancellation confirmation from the Guest. The cancellation fees will apply according to the cancellation policy in the booking website.
What do I do when I have a no-show?
When the guest does not arrive on your appointed check-in time, you first need to inform the Support Team. Support will try to contact the guest on your behalf. If we are unable to receive a response before midnight, a no-show button will appear in your booking details. Pressing the no-show button will cancel the booking and inform our support team. Support will inform the channel, mark the booking as a no-show in the system and they will try to collect the remaining balance depending on the cancellation policy. If the guest arrives after you have reported the ‘no-show’ you will need to inform the Support Team by phone or email.
What can I expect from support?
Our Support team aims to deliver 100% quality and precision in handling all booking related concerns, meeting the expectations in providing excellent customer service to both our apartment owners and guests. We maintain close coordination in between the communication between the Owners, the Booking Websites and the Guests.
What do I do when my guests complain?
When you have a guest complaint, you will need to inform the Support Team of the situation. The Support Team will advise you on how you may best resolve the situation. If the owner is unable to provide an acceptable resolution for the guest, we will help you find a solution according to the guest’s reasonable satisfaction. The owner will be charged a handling fee of €100,00 and all other additional costs consequent the guest complaint.
Does support handle all contact with the guests?
The communication of Support with the guest is endorsed to the responsibility of the owners after the arrival information containing the host information is sent to the guests. The owner should be available for all questions coming forth after the booking and should not speak with the guests or the booking websites directly about booking related concerns. Should there be booking related concerns such as: overbookings, complaints, and payment disputes the owner is advised to contact the Support Team immediately.


Can I adjust my prices through your software?
Yes, you can, by adjusting the price percentages in the Calendar and Rates section. When you change it to 80%, your apartment will be sold with a 20% discount.
Can I make use of my own website with a booking module?
Yes, we offer a booking widget that you can incorporate in your own website. Using the booking widget you can receive direct bookings. We will handle the pre-payment for you and send the booking confirmation and arrival information to your guests.
Can I sync my own calendar with the BookingManager calendar?
At the moment we have an Ical sync with Airbnb and Google calendar. We will continue to add new calendars.


Where can I find my invoices?
You can find your invoices in the BookingManager software, both our invoices as well as the invoices we receive from the channels.
Do you pay my tourist tax?
No, we do not pay your tourist tax, this is the responsibility of the host.
Do you handle all administrative work?
We will send you a monthly overview of all bookings with an arrival in the previous month, so you have a clear overview of income of that month. In our software you can also find your net revenue and the total amount of fees incl. tax/VAT.
Who charges the prepayment of each channel?
This varies per channel, for most of your bookings the prepayment is charged by us.
I only want payments done via bank transfer, how does that work?
You can indicate the preferred payment method in the arrival information. Please note that most guests prefer to pay cash upon arrival and therefore this might lower the amount of bookings you’ll receive.
How are payments handled to BookingManager?
When you sign up as a customer, we will send you a link to activate direct debit. We will send you an invoice with the BookingManager fee each month and automatically deduct the amount from your bank account.
Why do I pay 10% with one booking and 11,5% with others?

We ask 10% per booking when it is a direct booking channel and 11,5% when it is a request channel, because we handle all communication with the guest for you.

Account Management

Can you advise me on the best price per person per night?
Yes, we can advise you on the best price per night for your apartment. Due to our years of experience in renting out short stay apartments , we can give advise based on the type of apartment, the location, the number of people and the quality of the apartment.
What is dynamic pricing?
Dynamic pricing is a strategy in which we continuously adjust prices based on demand and supply of the market. Due to our years of experience and the fast amount of apartments that we manage, we now have sufficient data to always get the best price for your apartment.
To how many people should I rent my apartment to?
We can give you advise on what would be the best number of people to allow into your apartment. This depends on the demand and supply of your neighbourhood and the price you want to receive for your apartment.