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MONTHLY FEE, NO SETUP COSTS. Only use us when you need it. You can stop and restart your plan whenever you want.
  • From €19,95 a month

  • No setup costs
  • .
  • Cloud based softwareincluded Website & Facebook pageincluded
  • ServicesNot included
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  • Prices

  • 1-5 apartments € 49,95
  • 6-10 apartments € 39,95
  • 11-20 apartments € 29,95
  • 21-30 apartments € 19,95
  • Cloud based software

  • Centralised calendar for all your properties included
  • Real time price and availability sync included 
  • Property overview included
  • Booking overview included 
  • Dynamic pricing included
  • Automated trapped nights included 
  • Automated long stay discounts included
  • Channel invoices included
  • Property performance reporting included
  • iCal sync included
  • BookingManager mobile included
  • Your own website and Facebook page

  • Bookable Website included
  • Bookable Facebook page (per property) included
  • Services

  • Professional photography Not included
  • Professional descriptions Not included
  • Market monitoring Not included
  • Rate adjustments Not included
  • Listing creation and updating on all channels Not included
  • Ranking optimisation Not included
  • Personal account management Not included
  • Booking requests (3% handling fee)Not included
  • Booking support Not included
  • Pre­payment collection Not included
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission will be charged for each channel?
The channel commission differs per channel and is around 10 to 25% of the total booking price. We always try to negotiate the best deals.
How do I pay my invoices?
Via direct debit.
Why do I have to pay € 150,- set up fee?
To list your apartment in the best way possible on all booking channels, a professional photographer will take at least twenty pictures of your apartment(s) and the area. We have also hired the best writers to write enchanting and SEO friendly copy and you will receive your own personal account manager who will advise you on the best way to market your apartment.
Why do I pay 5% with one booking and 8% with others?
We ask 5% per booking when the booking was made on a direct booking channel and we ask an extra 3% handling fee when the booking came through a request channel, because we handle all communication with the guest for you.

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Sacha Operator Amsterdam

Sacha Operator Amsterdam

“Because BookingManager takes care of the whole bookings part of my business as well as the support part, I can focus entirely on being a great host for my visitors”

Ralph Operator Amsterdam

Ralph Operator Amsterdam

“BookingManager lets me manage all my apartments on more than 15 booking channels around the world from one single dashboard”

Thomas Operator Amsterdam

Thomas Operator Amsterdam

“Because BookingManager proactively advises me on my pricing strategy, the revenue of my property grew with 30% in the last year”