Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did BookingManager raise the fee?

For several reasons we have decided to raise our BookingManager fee. One example is the workload we have and the many things we do for you on the several channels. Besides that we want to continue with improving our dashboard and services so that you as an owner can get more profit and less hassle. You want that as well right?

Which improvements does BookingManager want to do?

We want to make sure we can continue with improving our dashboard and services so that you as a client will get more advantages like new features. A good example of this is, is that we recently launched your own website so that you can receive more direct sales (15%). A other important improvement is that you as a single owner will get more financial security such as:

  • Improve collection and pay out term of balance due in case of cancellations
  • Set a stricter cancellation policy on Key accounts
  • Pre-collect balance due for exclusive partners
If you decide to raise the fee, then I want to increase my base rate. Is that possible?
We understand your point, but that is not even necessary. The base rate is just a 100% price, but that doesn’t mean we actually ask that rate as our ADR. With dynamic pricing we not only make sure you get more bookings, but also for the best possible price at that moment. Sometimes this is higher and sometimes lower than the base rate, depending of the season and/or date. Please also know increasing the price also can lead to less bookings and therefor we also want to keep the base rate as it is set already.
Will there now be a yearly increase of prices?
No, that is not our intention. After three years this is the first time we increase the fee with 1,5%. As you may know the last three years we have done a lot of improvements like the new improved dashboard and your own website. To make sure we can keep up the good work, we raised the fee.
Is it possible that BookingManager takes over my AirBnB account?
Unfortunately not yet, but we have an ical connection which allows you to synchronize your calendar with our calendar. Next year there will be a possibility to completely take over your AirBnB account so we can manage everything for you.
I find that I already pay too much, so with this fee raise I probably don’t want to work with BookingManager anymore.
We understand your point of view, but we have recently we done a customer survey and based on our data we can promise you 15% more revenue in then when you do it yourself. A fee of 6,5% where you don’t have to do anything except be a good host, is only a good investment. We do however need your full calendar to prove our strategy works.
I want to start with one apartment exclusive to see how it goes, is that an option?
We understand that you first want to try and see if we can actually deliver on our promise, but unfortunately this is not an option. Only when you give us full exclusivity for all apartments, you pay 6,5% and will save 1,5% per booking. Due to our years of experience we have a strong market position, enough data and experience to get your more bookings than when you do it yourselves. Of course we will schedule an evaluation meeting after three months to discuss the results.

Exclusive partnership

Why do I sometimes pay 6,5% and sometimes 8%?

This hasn’t been changed, we charge 6,5% for the direct bookings and 8% for the request bookings because we realize that more bookings come from direct booking sites and therefore it wouldn’t be honest to our clients to ask a higher fee for the request booking sites.

Can I make an exclusion for the request channels, so I only pay 6,5%

Unfortunately this is not an option since this is also stated in our TAC and distribution on the different channels is one of our biggest strengths. We understand your point, but the request channels will cost you more time to manage. We have an entire team of people who work in shifts to make sure all request are being handled and answered within a couple of hours, which increases your ranking and bookings. As a host this will cost you a lot of time and is it not always possible to answer that quickly.

When will the new fee be active?
The fee will be active in the month after your activation. So for example: we do the switch on December 10th, the new fee will be active in January, since that is the first full month.
I have an ical connection and do give 70% availability, so why do I need to pay more?
We understand your point of view, and in this case you will only pay 6,5% – 8% BookingManager fee. Next year there will also be a possibility to completely take over your AirBnB account so we can manage everything for you.

Non exclusive partnership

Why is there also a minimum BookingManager fee of €100, - per month?
We are a full service partner; your personal account manager is constantly working on making sure you will get more bookings using dynamic pricing and other revenue tools. If you do most bookings yourself, we still do a lot of the work for you, but we don’t earn any money. That is why we will ask for a minimum fee of €100, – when the BookingManager fee is lower than €100, – per month. This is to cover our costs.
Do I also need to pay more than 8% for request channels?
No, the fee for all channels will be and remain 8%. This hasn’t been changed, because we realize that more bookings coming from direct booking sites. Therefor it wouldn’t be honest to our clients to ask a higher fee for the request booking sites.

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